Can You Put A Coffee Mug In The Oven?

So you found these fabulous coffee mug cake recipes that can be made in the microwave, but you only have an oven. Can you put a coffee mug in the oven? If yes, which varieties are safe to use in the oven, and at what temperatures?

Not all coffee cups can be used in the oven. Glass and bone china coffee cups, as well as ceramic coffee mugs, can be baked. Oven-safe mugs include those made of metal, stainless steel, and silicone. Polypropylene and plastic cups are not safe to use in a regular oven.

Look for the manufacturer’s label to check if a product is oven-safe. In most cases, the uncertainty is because of the absence of appropriate labels and clear instructions. Keep reading to learn more about coffee mugs that are and aren’t oven-safe.

Can You Put A Coffee Mug In The Oven?

Oven-safe coffee cups are frequently promoted and sold for that characteristic. Can you put mugs in the oven if you don’t know that information? If you’ve kept a mug in your cupboard for years, you may check the material and manufacturer’s requirements to see if it’s oven-safe.

The manufacturer’s recommendations, including the material type, are usually found beneath the coffee mug. As a result, you can expect the words “dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe” to appear on your coffee mug.

Check the package that comes with the coffee mug for printed information. A care instruction handbook is included with most coffee cups. In addition, most mugs have a logo that identifies the maker. Finally, check the manufacturer’s website to see if your cup is oven-safe.

What Are Oven-Safe Mugs?


What Are Oven-Safe Mugs

The type of clay used and the temperature at which the dish was burned classify ceramics. Heat-resistant and oven-safe pottery are more likely to be fired at higher temperatures. If you can’t tell what material the cup is made of, you can’t put it in the oven.


Most glass will be oven-safe

Most glass will be oven-safe. The trick is to let it warm up to room temperature first. Then, before putting it in the oven, be sure it can endure temperature. If you don’t realize it, the cup might be subjected to heat shock.

Certain varieties of glass are made specifically for use in the oven. They are composed of borosilicate glass or tempered glass, which minimizes the danger of heat shock but does not remove it. Unfortunately, soda-lime glass, another often-used glass, is not resistant to heat stress.


Stoneware mugs and plates withstand heat

Stoneware mugs and plates withstand heat and may be used in the oven. Stoneware mugs are often thick and opaque, with a rough surface roughness or a glossy, baked-on finish.


oven-safe material is porcelain

Another oven-safe material is porcelain; however, not all porcelain mugs are suitable for the oven. This is due to porcelain’s thinness and susceptibility to heat stress.


A pure metal cup

A pure metal cup, such as a camping mug, should be oven safe. Make sure the cup doesn’t have any plastic parts; nonstick coatings will also react badly to heat.

What Are Oven-Unsafe Mugs?


What Are Oven-Unsafe Mugs

While being similar to stoneware in thickness and weight, it cannot be baked with. The plain white clay under the paint or on the bottom of the cup will show through if the earthenware mug is painted and prone to chipping.

Bone china

Bone china

These mugs should not be put in the oven or dishwasher since they are delicate. These coffee cups are small and thin, with elaborate motifs painted or inlaid.

Plastic or acrylic

Plastic or acrylic

While most plastics are acceptable to use in the microwave, you shouldn’t put plastic coffee mugs in the oven for the same reason you wouldn’t put Styrofoam in the oven — it will melt and cause a significant mess. The identical issue will occur with a mug with a plastic handle or grip.



Any coffee cup with textured embellishments is unlikely to be safe to use in the oven. These ornaments are generally applied after the firing process, fracture or break when exposed to heat.

What Happens If You Bake A Mug That Isn’t Oven Safe?

Can you put a coffee mug in the oven? If you still believe you can get away with using an oven-incompatible cup in the oven, consider this. Putting a mug in the oven that was not intended for that purpose can destroy the mug as well as your oven.

The cup will fracture and break. The liquid within the cup will pour all over the oven as the shattered pieces spread across it. To get rid of the effects of using an oven-safe cup in the oven, you’ll have to do a lot of tiresome cleaning.

Why Do Coffee Mugs Crack When They’re Baked?

Are mugs oven-safe? You should be aware of a phenomenon known as thermal shock, even if your cup is acceptable for use in the oven.

Thermal shock happens when your mug is subjected to rapid temperature changes, which can cause it to break. This may be applied to any materials we’ve spoken about so far, including stoneware, porcelain, and glass.

However, because all pottery is susceptible to heat stress, your choice of pottery should be able to adapt to a variety of temperatures.

How To Prevent Cracking In Oven-Safe Coffee Mugs

Avoid abruptly altering the mug’s temperature. For example, avoid putting the cup in the oven directly from the fridge or freezer or removing it from the oven and quickly cooling it. Instead, let the cup on a surface come to room temperature on its own before using it in the oven or refrigerator.

Within the indicated temperature range, use the oven-safe cup. Some mugs can only resist temperatures of up to 350°F, while others can tolerate up to 500°F. Before selecting whether or not the mug is suitable for your recipe, double-check the maximum temperature it can withstand.

Avoid putting any force on hot cups straight out of the oven. Porcelain cups have relatively thin walls and are susceptible to cracking or shattering when subjected to compressive forces, especially when heated.

Even if the mug’s material is oven-safe, do not use decorative mugs in the oven. The way heat is dispersed on the mug’s surface is affected by the decorations on the mug, and some portions of the mug may expand more than others. The cup may break as a result of this. 

The cup would not break in the worst-case situation, but the decorations may melt and leak chemicals onto the cake, perhaps causing health problems. In addition, some decorations may catch fire if exposed to extreme heat.

Check out this video for a fabulous mug cake recipe:


So, to answer the question, “Can you put a coffee mug in the oven?” oven-safe mugs usually feature a print on the bottom side of the cup or on the container indicating that they are oven-safe. Even though your coffee cups are oven-safe, reheating your coffee in the oven is not recommended. Your cup will heat up before the coffee does, and it will be too hot to handle. Instead, try warming your coffee in a pan on the stove over low heat; as soon as it begins to simmer, remove it from the flame.

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